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Too much laundry to handle, too less time to focus on them! With so busy schedule, it is difficult to spare extra for laundry. Laundry United understands your priorities. We share your laundry load and make your life much easier.
We at Laundry United provide laundry services including washing, drying, folding, and dry cleaning. We are known for providing refined laundry services in London to our customers successfully with the experience gained all these years. We live by making your lives easier for you at every step.
We have a team of experts who are always looking for ideas to make it better for you. Thus, we also provide tracking services to our customers. So, you don’t have to worry about your favorite clothes being missed on the way. You can always track our drivers and see how far has your order reached and always keep a close watch on them.
Washing and drying laundry have always been a challenge. Washing them all and then drying them, folding them and then ironing seems difficult when you have lack of time. Plus, there are clothes which require extra care, stains that need extra treatment, fabrics that need to be ironed differently and the list is endless.
Well, we are here to your rescue!
We Are the Best Laundry Cleaning Company in London
Well, with a number of professionals especially dedicated to providing laundry services, it is much easier for us to deal with your laundry then you can probably do.
Our services are quite flexible. We will be at your doorstep as and when you need us.
We provide a complete range of services from washing to ironing. You need not worry about anything. You can order us online for online pickup and delivery.
Our Laundry Washing and Ironing Process
It all starts with placing an order online or contacting us via call.
After getting into terms with us, you need to get your clothes ready.
We would provide you with a laundry bag to get your clothes collected from your doorstep.
Next, your clothes will be cleaned by our laundry cleaning experts.
We assure guaranteed and safe cleaning.
When we are done, you can give us the time for them to deliver at your at home.
Through all this, we assure quality and impeccable services as not to regret us anytime.
What Makes Us Unique?
We provide value for money and affordable services to our clients. You can get the cheapest quote with us.
We are available at your service all the days of the week
Our huge clientele makes us trustworthy
We keep customer satisfaction at the forefront. Not satisfied with our services? We provide flexible re-clean services without charging extra.
We help you track your order
We also provide emergency and same day laundry cleaning and ironing services
Talk with us today to know more!