Laundry Do’s and Don'ts

Laundry Do’s and Don'ts You Should Know About Who doesn't like to wear clean, crisp, and properly ironed clothes? Well, pretty much everyone does. It can be said that your clothes create the first impression on the person you meet. Laundry is something we all have been doing since forever and it is very important to do it right, such that we look presentable in our clothes. Also, doing the laundry properly removes all the dirt, germs, stains which get on the clothes due to the daily use and wear- tear. So, next time when you wear them, they look perfectly fine. However, to make sure that you wash your clothes the right way, there are certain important things you should do, and avoid doing. Check out. Laundry Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind Do’s • Read the labels properly The first and the most basic step is to check the labels of every clothing item you choose to wash. This should be done specially with the branded and precious clothes. The labels present on the clothes, mention the way a particular piece of clothing must be washed. For example- some of your shirts, tops,and the likes need dry cleaning only, while others may not be suitable for machine wash and so on. • Wash the colored and white clothes separately If you are soaking clothes in a detergent water or even washing them in a washing machine, make sure to separate the white and the coloured clothes as sometimes the coloured ones lose their colour and get on to the white ones creating a total mess. • Washing instructions Fabric like- Silk, Silk blend, Wool, Cashmere, Rayon and others, must be washed with normal to cold water, while fabric like Polyester, Nylon, Linen must be washed with Luke warm water in order to get rid of all the dirt. Further, in order to prevent fading of your favourite jeans, always reverse them inside out. • Treat the hard stains first It is better to treat the hard stains before washing. Solution of Vinegar or lemon juice are perfect for removing stains. • Pay attention on your detergent Always use the detergents which are alcohol-free. Using alcohol based detergents may lead to unwanted itchiness and rashes in and around your private parts. Don'ts • Do not bleach Don't use chlorine bleach while washing your clothes, specially the dark coloured clothes. They take away the natural shine of the coloured clothes and make them look faded. • Watch out the soaking time Don't leave your clothes for too long to soak in a detergent solution, it effects the fabric. Also, avoid leaving washed clothes inside the washing machine. This is done to avoid intermixing of colours from one piece of clothing to another. • Do not leave the zip open Don't leave the zip of your pants, or jeans open as the hard metal may harm your delicate clothes. • Deal with the clothes gently While ironing the washed clothes, don't apply too much pressure on any fabric other than cotton. As applying too much pressure with a hot iron on delicate fabric may burn it. Wrapping Up These were some of the important points that you must stick to. Laundry United is the best laundry cleaning company in London and provides free pickup and delivery in 24hours. Thus, let our laundry professionals take care of your laundry, while you relax!

Wash,Dry & Fold

Best Washing, Drying and Folding Services in London The three manifold steps to clean clothes involve washing, drying, and folding. Getting through each of them though seems easy but is very time-consuming. We understand the value of your time and the lack of it. Thus, though we surely can’t add time to their life but can definitely take a part of their tasks on our shoulders. We at laundry united provide laundry services to our clients and give a hand in their household chores. Our services include not only include washing and ironing but drying and folding them is also an integral part of our laundry services. We aim at making lives simpler and not let your life take a toll on you. We care about your wellbeing and your happiness. We take proper care of your clothes and make sure they reach you in the best position. We are known as the finest service provider when it comes to washing clothes. We use the latest advanced technologies for better results. Take into use the latest machinery for washing clothes, drying naturally wherever necessary and then finally folding them to be delivered at your home. We are comfortable in dealing any sort of clothes and fabrics and of any size. You can also get your comforters, blankets, curtains, table cloth, sleeping bags etc. get washed with us as making your washer handle them may make it tremble. How Do We Work? It is quite simple to avail our services. You can get your clothes all washed, dried and folded at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is find us online or call us o. We will have a word with you and sort out of your queries regarding our services. If according to your terms, we will send our pickup your way to get your clothes collected. We attend them as they reach us and get them washed, dried and folded as soon as possible. You can inform us of your urgency and we get them to you when you want. You can our track our drivers and know where has order reached. We provide our bags and make sure the clothes are reached to you in the best position. Why Choose Us? Simply as we deserve to be chosen and you won’t regret connecting with us. We offer our services at the best affordable prices. Our washing methods and way to deal with things are impeccable. We don’t settle for less when it comes to customer satisfaction. We even provide re-clean services to our unsatisfied customers. We follow the special instructions for washing strictly. We use cold water for dark coloured clothes and warm water for white clothes so that fabric doesn’t lose their shine and keeps the newness intact. We dry the clothes at medium to low heat as per the requirements. You won’t find your clothes half dried when delivered. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction and we try our best to not leave a peck of dissatisfaction.