About Us


Our Mission

At Laundryunited, we seek to provide executive care to customer's laundry. We value our customers as we believe that each deserves the best. We’ve managed over the years to make laundry services convenient, simple and top-notch quality.

Our Commitment

We keep our word to our clients who entrust their laundry to us. We’ve put in place modern cleaning technology that makes use of environmental and fabric friendly detergents. This has brought about advanced cleaning solutions that have enabled us to maintain high quality services that stand the test of time.

Our Team

Though Laundryunited is a privately owned company, we do work as a team of professionals. This guarantees quality service delivery with executive customer care and effective communication with our clients.

Laundryunited Promise

  • ♦ Easy ordering process
  • We’ve modernized our ordering process making it fast and easy. Our website which is compatible with digital devices such as Smart phones and tablets provides a simple DIY online ordering process. The website allows our clients to fill in preferred pick and delivery dates as well as time, physical address and contacts.
  • ♦ Timely services
  • We pledge to our clients that their preferred delivery and picking date and time will always be respected. We’re time bound and adhere strictly to terms of service as agreed with our laundry clients.
  • ♦ Value added services
  • Besides offering quality services at affordable prices, we use detergents that preserve clothes fabric. Also,we perform stain removal where possible and deliver ready to wear clothes.

Contact us now at Laundryunited for hassle free, affordable, time saving and laundry services that you can trust!